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Most people choose to wear some form of jewelry. But why do humans choose to adorn themselves in this way? They wear jewelry to enhance their personal appearance, as a sign of wealth or marital status, and as an indication of their religious faith.

Wearing a piece of jewelry is one way of drawing attention to certain aspects of our appearance or to draw attention away from a part of ourselves we don’t want noticed. A woman with well-shaped hands might choose to wear a ring or a bracelet to draw attention to that part of her. Similarly, a pretty choker or necklace will draw attention toward the face.

Jewelry can also be used to demonstrate a person’s wealth or marital status. In fact, during Biblical times, the jewelry worn by a woman was the only wealth she was allowed to possess. If her husband decided to divorce her, she would have been turned out of her home with only the clothing she was wearing (which would have included her jewelry). The largest, most elaborate pieces of jewelry are still worn by royalty or celebrities.

Both men and women indicate their marital status by wearing a wedding ring. Not only is this a symbol of the vows the couple made to each other on their wedding day, it is a sign to others that the wearer has made a commitment to his or her spouse.

When we choose to wear religious jewelry, it is both a reminder to the wearer of his or her religious beliefs and a symbol to others of that person’s faith in God. Religious jewelry is often given as a gift to Roman Catholic youngsters at the time of their baptism, first Holy Communion, and confirmation. These gifts can take the form of prayer rings, cross pendants, rosary bracelets, or confirmation medals. Those who receive these items will cherish them for years to come.

Whatever your personal reasons for wearing jewelry, rest assured that humans have been enhancing themselves in this way for centuries and will continue to do so in the future.