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Why Wear Jewelry

Most people choose to wear some form of jewelry. But why do humans choose to adorn themselves in this way? They wear jewelry to enhance their personal appearance, as a sign of wealth or marital status, and as an indication of their religious faith. Wearing a piece of...

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What Is Karat Weight?

There’s gold in that jewelry! But how much? One of the issues that has come up many times over the years is just how much gold is actually in jewelry. In a recent article we discussed how much gold is in gold filled and gold plated jewelry, not much by the way,...

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Welcome to Ask the Jeweler!

Welcome to our new home! Ask the jeweler is dedicated to helping people understand their jewelry and all the things that go wrong, right, for better or worse. I’m Steve and I was a bench jeweler and designer for more than 10 years. I still am involved in the...

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